Thursday, May 28, 2009

Upper Scenic Hatchie River sites

These are some photos I wanted to share. These were taken in the upper Hatchie water shed near the Mississippi state line in Southern Hardeman County. This portion of the watershed features rolling hills primarily in deciduous forests and grazing land. This terrain is very different from that of the lower watershed, where the land is dominantly in cultivation and typically has lower slopes.

I have also included a couple of pictures of the Scenic Hatchie River from Essary Springs in Hardeman County, the first ramp found on the river downstream of the Mississippi state line. The other picture of the river is from the bridge on Wolf Pen Road, also in Hardeman County.

The Scenic Hatchie River is also the site of several engagements between the Union Army and the Confederate Army. In the upper reaches of the Scenic Hatchie River, the most well documented site is the Battlefield of Davis Bridge. More on that later.

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