Monday, May 3, 2010

Track the flood in real time

Over on the right side of this website is a list of links. One link is titled "US Army Corps of Enginreers River Gages". If you double click on this link you will go directly to the Corps of Engineers web site. You can click the link to the side or you can copy and paste the link here into your browser.

Once the Corps web site opens, click on the 'Water Control' or 'River Gages' links near the top. From there you can navigate your way to all sorts of interesting information!

The "Hatchie River at Rialto" gage is linked to a satalite. Gage information is automatically downloaded via a link up with a satilite every hour. From there the river stage information (and forcast) is sent right to your computer.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flooding postpones May clean up event

Due to the vast flooding across the region the hatchie river will be approaching technical "Flood stage" by May 8. This not only has flooded the ramps and parking lots but has made the river much more dangerous.

This is nature. This is part of the ecology of the floodplain that remains un-channelized. Bottom land soils are being replenished and forest ecosystems are being nourished; more ox bow lakes are being born and the water is being oxygenated which is critical for aquatic life.

Visit the site again to check for new dates!