Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hatchie River T-Shirt

I have recieved a copyright on these images which have been printed onto t-shirts. Leave a comment if you are interested in getting one. The Great Blue Heron is the bird represented in the art work. The Great Blue is a common sight along the river.

The TSRA logo you see stands for the Tennessee Scenic River Association of which I am a member. The Hatchie is the only scenic river in West Tennessee! TSRA has a program called the Adopt-A-River program. I am currently the only river adopter in West Tennessee. I would love to add members to our ranks, as I know how beloved our Hatchie is to all who truly know her!

Watch this site for coming announcements about TWRA grants and Stream Clean-up activities on the entire length of the Hatchie!

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